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COVID-19 Information - updated 1st July 2022

Following the easing of all remaining COVID-19 restrictions we feel it is still sensible to help look after each other and reduce any further spread of the virus. We have therefore kept a few things in place to help with this and would ask that  anyone attending an appointment would adhere to.

Booking your appointment:

Just like it has always been you can make your appointment in a number of ways, either give us a call on 01403 588070 or 07427 753595, send an email to and finally, and probably the easiest route, is to book online via the tab above.

Prior to your appointment:

When you book your appointment you will receive the usual email confirmation, there will also be a COVID-19 client screening and consent form attached to the email that will need to be printed and filled in prior to your appointment. If, for any reason you haven't received the form or you have lost the original email you can download it form here. If you don't have access to a printer there will be hard copies in clinic for you to fill in and will only take a couple of minutes. You will only need to complete this form on your first appointment and will not be required for any subsequent appointments.

There is now no legal requirement for anyone to self isolate if they test positive for COVID-19, however we feel there is still a very big importance of making sure we look after each other and not continue any spread of this virus. We would therefore ask that if you do contract COVID-19 or feel unwell prior to your appointment then contact us to reschedule your appointment. We would also kindly ask that your rescheduled appointment should be at least 7 days after symptoms first started or, if sooner, you have tested negative on a lateral flow test 2 days in a row, 24 hours apart. We feel this is a reasonable request and continues with what previous guidance has stated.

If you do attend an appointment and have obvious symptoms (continuous cough and/or a high temperature) we will have to terminate the appointment and reschedule for another time, however you would also be liable for the full appointment fee.

Your appointment:

Please arrive for your appointment 5 minutes before the scheduled start time, try to avoid anything earlier. If you are running late then please get in touch to notify us. When you have arrived please enter the main doors of The Bridge Leisure Centre and head to reception, mention you have an appointment with us and they will let you through the barriers. Head upstairs via the main stair case, the treatment room area is located along the main corridor straight ahead from the staircase and is opposite the spin studio. Please take a seat in the waiting room and await your appointment. Please be mindful of anyone else in the waiting area, if you feel uncomfortable or there isn't enough space then feel free to wait in the main corridor where there is a lot more open space and comfortable seating. Please avoid bringing anyone with you to your appointment unless completely necessary. Anyone under the age of 18 will need a parent or guardian with them for the duration of the appointment.


Face coverings will remain a personal choice. The English and Welsh governments have now removed the requirement for face coverings in healthcare settings unless there is risk of splashing or known COVID infections. With a view to get back to what is now the new normal we have made the decision to stop wearing face coverings during your appointments. We will, of course, continue with all of our other best practices to ensure the safety of our clients and staff at all times. 

If you felt uneasy about your therapist not wearing a face covering and would prefer they continued for your appointment then of course we would be happy to oblige. Please just contact us prior to your appointment so we can arrange for this.

Clinic cleaning:

We will maintain the high levels of cleanliness we have always adhered to, the same as prior to the COVID pandemic. 

We hope you find our continued cautiousness reassuring as we are trying to make our environment as safe as possible for our clients and staff members. If you do have any questions or concerns about any of the above then please don't hesitate to get in touch with us.

We look forward to seeing you in clinic.

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