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Rehabilitation involves going through targeted exercises to restore range of movement and rebuild strength following injury. At Hands On Sports Therapy & Injury Clinic we'll make sure we take you from early rehab all the way through to sport specific exercises to get you back playing the sport you love. Not only this but we believe in getting you stronger to improve your performance but also help prevent future injuries. Prevention is undoubtedly the best cure to any musculoskeletal injury.


At Hands On Sports Therapy we know that every individual is different. The body is a complex piece of machinery so not everyone will have exactly the same weaknesses or imbalances. We'll provide you with a bespoke rehabilitation program working with your availability to equipment and time restraints to come up with the best possible plan. There won't be any standard exercise sheets here!


We use a web based exercise rehabilitation program that will send out your bespoke program which gives you high definition videos of how to go through your exercises, all from the comfort of your own home!

However, we appreciate we all have busy lives. One of the biggest reasons patients don't go through their exercises as prescribed is that they don't have time. We offer 1-2-1 sessions where you will be able to go through your exercise program to ensure they get done. Great for motivation but also ideal for ensuring technique of the specific movements and much faster progressions.


If you're not currently undergoing treatment but you still need help following an injury then that doesn't matter. We'll be able to talk through your needs and design something for you. Great to incorporate with one of our Biomechanical Analysis packages.


For more information just get in touch here.

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