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What To Expect

At Hands On Sports Therapy and Injury Clinic we know it can be daunting to come in for your first appointment, especially if you have never needed to see a sports injury specialist before. We promise we won't bite but please find below some useful information that may help to put you at ease.


Please arrive 5 minutes before your appointment time so that you are ready to start on time. Once arriving at the center, report to the main reception and mention that you have an appointment with us. You'll be given a temporary pass with a bar code to gain access to the building via the turn-styles. The clinic is located up the stairs on the first floor, once you have reached the first floor head straight ahead towards the gym and the Treatment Room Area is 10 meters down on the right hand side of the corridor, clearly labelled. Come on in to the waiting room area, relax and take a seat while you wait for your appointment.  There may be rare occasions where we're running a little behind but we'll do our best to stick to your appointment time. However if we are behind please bare with us, it'll only ever be 10-15 minutes at the most.


Your Appointment:

After the introductions we'll invite you in and get started. We'll need to make sure we have all the right contact information so that when we send out appointment reminders and exercise plans we know we have the right person.


We then follow a very simple process to get you on the road to recovery.


  • We Listen


It's your chance to tell us what has happened and how your issue has affected you and your active daily lifestyle.


  • We Ask


We need to get to the nitty gritty and will ask all the relevant questions to help us understand what is happening. We'll be able to devise a hypothesis of what we think the issue is.


  • We Asses


It's time to have a look and see how your body is working. We'll go through specific movements and clinical tests to either confirm or deny our initial hypothesis. It really is detective work!


  • We Diagnose


We'll let you know what we have found and what we need to do to get you better. We'll explain things in simple terms but if you want the science we'll do that too. Sometimes it can be difficult to give you a definitive diagnosis as we don't all fit into specific boxes. After all the human body can be a very complex thing! However, rest assured that you will       leave with a full understanding of what is going on.


  • We Plan


We'll come up with a bespoke treatment and rehabilitation plan specific to you and your Injury. No generic exercise     sheets here!




During your Initial Assessment we will endeavour to start the treatment there and then however this will depend on the complexities of your case and may not always be possible.

Once we do start treatment we'll keep you informed all the way through to make sure you are happy. Treatment can be intense and sometimes can be uncomfortable and cause discomfort. Our aim is to kick start the bodies healing processes, however treatment is not meant to be torture and we always ensure our patients are as comfortable as they can be. Due to some of the intensities of treatment this may leave you feeling a little sore for a few days after treatment. This shouldn't last long and if you feel concerned at any time then we ask that you contact us to discuss your concerns.


What to bring:

If you have any relevant medical reports or scans involving your specific issue then please bring these with you as it's always helpful to see them.

You'll need to wear comfortable, loose fitting clothing or bring some with you to change into, normally a pair of shorts and a t-shirt will be sufficient. The centre will have facilities for you to change. There may be times when we need to look in a bit more detail and you may be asked to remove clothing to enable us to do this, please ensure you are wearing sensible underwear.



We hope the above information helps to alleviate any stress for your upcoming appointment however if you have any specific questions then please don't hesitate to contact us.

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