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At Hands On Sports Therapy & Injury Clinic we think we're pretty good at what we do but don't take our word for it. Please read below on what some of our clients have said about us.

“As an elite triathlete, recovery is an essential component of my training.  A weekly sports massage is an important part of my recovery program after competition and training to reduce muscle soreness, prevent injury and better prepare me for the next training session.  I know that Tony will always provide a thorough, first class massage, often discovering tightness that I wasn’t aware of.  Tony is willing to adapt to the particular demands of my schedule, changing pressure and massage style according to whether I need a pre-race flush or deep tissue work.  Tony’s work is hugely beneficial to me and I would recommend Tony for any level of sports therapy.”

Clare C.




"Tony really helped me identify some weak areas in my body. The following therapy and exercises have enabled me to return to my next contract fitter and stronger than I have ever been."

Jo. S




"I was struggling to recover after a bad fall and it was Tony who administered careful treatment, designed a well targeted exercise routine (which I still follow), and gave me the confidence I needed to get properly back on my feet. Thank you Tony!"

Marie M.




"I first visited Tony with a long standing back problem that was reducing my gymnastics training and I thought that my future in gymnastics was going to be limited. Tony helped me to reduce the effects of this problem and in doing so gave me the encouragement I needed to continue to the higher level of gymnastics that I was aiming for. In the run up to competitions I tend to worry more about injuries and Tony’s approach is both calming and productive. He fixes these injuries promptly which helps me to focus on the competition and not the injury.

I have always been happy with Tony's professional approach to sports therapy and have recommended him to my family, friends and sporting athletes. Thank you"


Tony D.


"I have been going to see Tony for around a year now - he has seen me through the London marathon and many half marathons. He always provides a fantastic service, he is very professional and extremely knowledgeable and without him I would never have run the marathon pain free! I would definitely recommend Tony without hesitation!"

Olivia H.




"Tony is amazing, simply the best sports injury therapist there is. I thought  my running days were over due to a chronic Achilles heel injury, but thanks to Tonys' skill in diagnosis and treatment I've been back running injury free for months. Can't thank him enough."

Jan C.




"After years of frustration with a repetitive calf problem I was lucky enough to stumble across Tony. He gave me a thorough initial assessment, to discover the root cause of my problems, then set about treating the injury and finally giving me the right exercises to enable me to continue the recovery and strengthening process. I am now able to put in a proper winters' training for the first time in 5 years so will be eternally grateful to Tony's expertise and his understanding of an athlete's mentality. Many Thanks"

Kevin C.




"Whatever the reason you are seeking a Sports Therapist, I can strongly recommend Tony. You are guaranteed to receive a highly professional service tailored to your individual needs. Appointments are made at a time that is mutually agreeable. You will receive clear advice and guidance on what treatment options are best suited. Your individual programme will be explained with a guarantee that if you have any questions or need any further help before your next appointment you can make contact in a number of ways. Whatever your sport or fitness routine, Tony has the skills, patience and determination to help you achieve success. His reassuring and professional manner quickly translates into trust and empathy."

Kim U.

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