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Massage and Mobility

Whether you're starting your New Years resolution and getting into fitness, about to start training for your next marathon or simply want to just stay Injury free then this is the package for you!

Want to know more about Sports Massage? Click here for more information.

We have put together a block of sports massage sessions and combined this with handy mobility tools for you to use at home, in your own time, to aid in your recovery and performance. This year we have also added a specially designed mobility based exercise program with digital access for 12 months, view the program on any smart device. Not only this but we've also included a rehabilitation session to go through any technique questions using the mobility kit or from the mobility program.

What's Included:

4 x sports massage sessions (either 30 or 60 minutes)

1 x mobility kit (foam roller, spiky massage ball, hand held roller)

1 x digital mobility exercise program with 12 month access

1 x rehabilitation session (30 minute)

Price = £195


full package cost would normally be £270 saving £75!

All packages have a 12 month expiration from the date of purchase

Massage and Mobility Package 2022.jpg

We only have a limited number of these Massage and Mobility packages available so be quick and get in touch to reserve yours before it's too late and they all go. Just give us a call on 01403 588070 or email

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